Kids Kickboxing

Children benefit immensely from martial arts. They'll learn discipline, self-defense, fitness and focus.

Kids Kickboxing Program

In our classes kids get to release all their energy in a productive manner while also getting the opportunity to attain various coloured belts by demonstrating their increased knowledge and skill. These classes are a lot more then just kicking and punching where children will learn many life skills and have fun playing various Martial Arts games.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Instructors
Our professional instructors have many years of experience. They will motivate and inspire you.

Members are Saying:

"The 8th Street Gym is my second home. I train there, but it's more like a place to be myself. The staff is great and I feel wonderful."

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Address: 1100 Pitkin Ave Grand Junction, CO
Telephone: 970-263-9122